Communication When Collaborating

Communication When Collaborating

Communicating as a software engineer is one of the most skills. I believe should be mastered. Able to explain technical problems that you experience. As well speaking non-technical people skills to be exact. For example, if you run into a problem with your code and say it's not working. That does not give the person trying to help you any information, About the issue, and your end goal. Giving examples of your work would benefit each other in solving the current issue. So letting people, know what you are solving and The issues you run into, what have you tried so far. These questions are good to ask. What errors are you receiving? The last time the project was working? What are you trying to accomplish? The expected outcome, having a general idea makes it easier to narrow down the issue. So you can eliminate the problem much faster. Using these steps or will give a sense of understanding of what is currently going on. I like to mention when sharing pieces of code is best to have avenues for sharing your code visually. It can be with screenshots or videos, even a service like


Zoom is a video chat platform where you can speak to people over the internet to share your screen. As for my experience, I find it very helpful as a Developer to work together with my co-workers. Zoom is a tool I use every day when working with my co-workers. It's useful because it is easy to share code and explain concepts and share ideals while collaborating. This workflow increases my communication skills instead of just coding by myself and lacking people skills. As a developer, it is crucial to be able to form words and speak technical and non-technical. Having these skills will grow your career. I admit I am not a perfect communicator, but being able to practice daily with my co-workers. I am very grateful, I thank them for helping me on my journey as a developer.

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