About Me


Software developer with a passion for innovation and teaching coding. With strong technical skills and a collaborative spirit, I excel in team settings, embracing diverse perspectives and effective communication. My curiosity drives continuous learning, pushing me to explore new technologies and methodologies. Actively seeking opportunities to join a company where I can contribute and grow, I'm also open to collaborating with peers. Dedicated to mentoring and creating solutions for real-world challenges, I invite you to connect with me to explore more about my journey and potential collaborations through my blog and YouTube channel.


Technical Skills

  • ASP.NET Web API, C#/.NET, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Rust, Vue.js, ADO.NET, Table Design, E/R diagrams, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Git, Visual Studio, DALL-E, Docker
  • Spring Boot, Java, PostgreSQL, Responsive Design, IntelliJ, Azure, OpenAi, Blazor
  • Angular, React, Redux, Express.js, Sass, MongoDB, MySQL, Linux

Technical Experience

  • Vending Machine Management System: Developed a command line vending machine application using file I/O and OOP principles. Includes input file processing, log functionality, and inventory tracking.
  • Tenmo: Built complete server-client money transfer application similar to Venmo, using MVC pattern and RESTful API. Server-side is powered by Spring framework and incorporates PostgreSQL

Work Experience

Technical Coding Instructor / Walls Project / Remote

  • Taught 50 units of full-stack software engineering content, guiding students from basic Javascript exercises to feature-rich, complex React, Node, and Express applications.
  • Led 130 students through front-end engineering and HTML, CSS, and Javascript fundamentals.
  • Led pair programming sessions, resume reviews, and mock interviews to assist students through job searches and professional developer environments.
  • Created instructional videos examples hosted on Netlify.
  • Designed and implemented instructional curriculum, leading over 130+ students through front-end engineering fundamentals such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Pioneered, implemented and evaluated 50+ technical assessments and projects for the program, enabling student growth and providing companies with visibility into student performance.
  • Facilitated and taught 60+ students Agile Methodology Scrum Frameworks such as sprint planning, backlog grooming, daily stand-up, sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives.
  • Trained over 60+ students on pair programming through Repl.it and CodePen, providing actionable feedback on code syntax, style, agile and other development best practices.
  • Adapted instruction approach to support students through 1:1 guidance and mentorship.

Technical Consultant / Freelance / Remote

  • Consulted clients on technical projects including OS installs, hardware setup, data backup and recovery, malware removal, and Microsoft software setup.
  • Spearheaded 45-65 hour capstone projects as Scrum Master.

Technician / Evertek Computer Corporation / Remote

  • Tested system functionality prior to shipping, salvaging working parts in case of failure.

Customer Service / T-Mobile / San Diego

  • Interacted with customers and providing prompt and courteous customer service to all customers in person, via phone or written note
  • Educated and engaged customers through product demonstrations
  • Stayed up-to-date on the latest data/entertainment technology and devices, such as Wi-Fi, data devices, TV entertainment tools
  • Used competitive spirit to meet and exceed assigned sales goals
  • Assisted customers in phone support questions and exchanges, answered customer calls, and worked with inventory


Tech Elevator- National Live Remote

  • Currently attending a 14-week full-stack coding bootcamp learning how to create dynamic web-based software systems using Java providing 800+ hours of development education and application.

ITT Technical Institute

  • Associate of Science, Network System Administration

Other Interests:

  • Family Engagement and Outdoor Activities
  • Creative Arts and Personal Expression,
  • Digital Exploration and Interactive Entertainment
    Create Youtube Videos (Spencer Lee Meredith Youtube Channel)